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Back pain is incredibly common, with 8% of American adults reporting persistent or chronic back pain. It’s a leading cause of lost work and seriously diminishes your quality of life. At Active Health Center in Oakland, California, Andrew Curcuru, DC, can help with chiropractic manipulations and other physical therapy, so you find relief. Don’t live with back pain a moment longer. Call the office today to set up an appointment or use the online tool to schedule.

Back Pain Q & A

What causes back pain?

Back pain doesn’t have one cause; it could result from an acute injury or disease and degeneration. Many cases of back pain result from:

  • Overuse, strain, or a sports injury
  • Herniations in the discs
  • Illness
  • Genetic conditions like scoliosis or spondylolisthesis
  • Degeneration due to aging or osteoarthritis
  • Compression fractures

Back pain may also occur as a result of an incident that involves lifting, reaching, and twisting, or after a car accident. 

How can chiropractic care help back pain?

At Active Health Center, Dr. Curcuru performs a thorough physical, giving special attention to your back to find the root cause of your symptoms. He then uses holistic, conservative treatments to treat the pain and discomfort associated with your condition. 

The chiropractic manual therapies Dr. Curcuru uses effectively realign vertebrae, release nerve pressure, and resolve issues such as a lumbar disc herniation. The intention of chiropractic treatment is to reduce your pain and improve your overall function. Regular chiropractic visits can also prevent back pain from becoming chronic. 

Dr. Curcuru may recommend massage, acupuncture, and functional restoration exercises as complements to chiropractic adjustments.

You may also benefit from Iovera® targeted cold therapy. This treatment is FDA-cleared to block pain by preventing treated nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. Dr. Curcuru also uses spinal decompression to help reduce pressure from the spinal cord on surrounding nerves and muscles. 

Back pain that doesn’t respond to these conservative measures may respond to injections that reduce inflammation, including epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, and sacroiliac joint injections. 

Radiofrequency ablation is another treatment that provides immediate pain relief when back pain doesn’t respond to other therapies. It uses a mild electrical current that is passed through a thin needle to address targeted areas of pain. 

At Active Health Center, Dr. Curcuru educates you on how you can prevent back pain using exercise, proper lifting techniques, and lifestyle changes, like diet and supplements. 

What should I expect with chiropractic adjustments?

One of the primary techniques Dr. Curcuru uses is spinal adjustment, also known as chiropractic adjustment. During an adjustment, Dr. Curcuru pays special attention to the alignment of the vertebrae in your spine. When you have a vertebral subluxation, meaning the bones are out of alignment, back pain may result due to pressure on nerves or irregularities in the discs. 

Spinal adjustments seek to reduce vertebral subluxation and return the spine to a more natural state of health. 

Most people feel no pain during a spinal adjustment and often get an immediate sense of relief and an improvement in their pain levels. If you do have soreness after an adjustment, it usually fades within a day or two. 

Find relief from back pain with a customized treatment plan from Active Health Center. Call today or use the online tool to schedule.