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Andrew Curcuru, DC, is a skilled chiropractor who leads Active Health Center in Oakland, California. Dr. Curcuru first discovered the power of chiropractic when he was just a child. Instead of an ENT putting tubes in his ears for constant ear infections, his aunt decided to take him to Dr. Henry Oyharcabal. After a few adjustments, she knew she did the right thing.

Dr. Curcuru took a different path in life and received two separate degrees in Information Systems Management. When he was a teenager, he was in a car wreck that left him in constant pain due to trauma to his rib cage and back, so sitting at a computer most of the day only exacerbated his condition. This experience led him to seek out anything and everything possible to relieve his pain.

After two different consultations with the best spinal surgeons he could find in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was left with two options: find a chiropractor or have surgery. Dr. Curcuru was familiar with chiropractic, so he found a chiropractor who worked with him for a few months, and it changed his life. He realized that his life was not fulfilling behind a computer screen, and he needed to make a change in the world. 

Dr. Curcuru was compelled to start helping people in the same way he was helped. So, after much research, he decided to quit his IT job and enroll in chiropractic school. This decision meant another three and half years of school, but it also meant he could pursue a career that would be fulfilling not only to him but to those needing an alternative to pain management.

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